How to make homemade soil mix for seedlings, to start indoors

Most plants are more likely to develop if they arrive in our garden as small seedlings and not as seeds. That’s why making seedlings is a fun option that only requires containers, seeds, and substrate, which we’ll show you how to prepare below with just 3 ingredients:

1) Two parts compost or vegetable hummus.

2) Two parts of coconut fiber.

3) One part of perlite, vermiculite, or river sand.

Seeds don’t need a lot of nutrients to germinate, but they do require adequate moisture, so your mix should have the ability to hold water without being waterlogged. You can use hummus or compost you have at home or buy it from a nursery, just like the other ingredients. They must be completely loose before mixing, for which it is convenient to use a sieve. In a container or on the floor on plastic, stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, which must be moistened before putting it inside the seedbeds for sowing. It is important to check daily the humidity of our seedbeds until they are ready to be transplanted to the garden.

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