Perennials and annuals that attract butterflies

Perennials live more than two years, unlike annuals. Both can produce substances that bring those wonderful, winged creatures that adorn our garden, butterflies. Here we mention plants that can adapt more easily to your space, as most are native to North America.



Helenium autumnale

Grows 2 to 5 feet tall with abundant yellow or orange velvety flowers, blooms from June to fall.


Is a favorite of pollinators and gardeners because it grows practically without care, is medicinal, has many tiny flowers of yellow, red, and pink shades.


Grows 1 to 6 feet tall, blooms in late summer to fall with purple, white and blue star-shaped flowers


Grows easily, tolerates drought and blooms from early summer to late fall with yellow, red, orange, pink and violet flowers.


Reaches up to 6 feet tall, bears pink, orange, red, yellow, white, and maroon flowers from summer to fall.

Snow on the mountain

Grows from 1 to 3 feet high, from mid-summer to early autumn you can appreciate its small white flowers.

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Helenium, Helenium autumnale

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